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Branding & Marketing Services  

What is “Career Branding & Marketing” and why do you need it?  Branding and marketing yourself for your next position is how you will get noticed above the competition.  The traditional job search model of creating the perfect resume and using the job boards is of increasingly limited value.  According to a Business Week article published in 2009, "Skip Job Boards and Use Social Media Instead", 72% of companies plan to invest more in recruiting through social networks. 

If you rely only on the job boards, with over 60,000 to choose from (WSJ, Feb 2009), you will find yourself unemployed for a very long time.  Recruitment for companies is currently evolving with online networking and research.  Navigating this technological frontier alone can be difficult.  CVA’s in-house experts assist you establish an individualized plan for a powerful and consistent on-line presence as well as offer and teach you the research techniques needed to keep your presence current. 

In today’s job market, you need to consider yourself the “product”.  You must present a compelling image on-line as well as in person.  Companies and hiring managers are doing research on you before you ever set foot in the door.  Are you prepared for what they will find? 

By partnering with CVA, you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through the power of strategic and targeted Career Branding & Marketing. 

Interactive Solutions

CVA's in-house experts conduct interactive sessions that create or enhance your online presence (“branding”), develop and teach you how to use research that is customized and targeted to help you meet your goals. 

Typical interactive sessions for clients might include:

  1. Creating or enhancing your on-line profile and marketing strategies consistent with

   career goals

  1. Assisting you in planning and implementing a successful job search

  2. Optimizing or creating online marketing materials to reach your target audience

  3. Coaching and counseling on networking strategies, interviewing skills and

   negotiating techniques

  1. Creating and teaching you how to update and keep consistent your professional


ilene@careervisionassociates.com / 617.924-0303 x2 / www.careervisionassociates.com

173 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown 02420 and Maynard

Counseling, Coaching, Branding & Marketing

“Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul, And sings the tune--without the words,    

And never stops at all........” Emily Dickinson

“Ilene has worked with several of my psychotherapy clients when they were at a career crossroads.  She brings a great deal of knowledge, experience, wisdom, zest and passion to her work which translates into an unusual support that helps all kinds of people to take the next needed steps to foster their career journey."  Shira Karman, Psychotherapist,  Jamaica Plain, MA