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Counseling & Coaching Services


CVA provides individual, confidential counseling and coaching to individuals based on more than 25 years in the fields of employment, training and counseling psychology. Services include assistance such as:

  1. Career counseling and coaching

  2. Identifying your “Calling” or “Right-Livelihood”

  3. Career “therapy” – working on internal blocks to action and success

  4. Managing stress and work-life balance issues

  5. Guidance on both corporate and non-profit workplace issues

  6. Support around issues involving work and illness or disability

  7. Transitioning outplacement for our individual and corporate clients

  8. The use of standardized career inventories such as the Myers Briggs Trait Inventory and

    the Strong Interest Inventory to identify career options

Work, Purpose, Spirit, Relationships, Behavior...

A whole career, a deeply satisfying career, has many dimensions. Sometimes these dimensions need attention. Perhaps it is because of a desire to grow; or perhaps a life event may provide a wake-up call. Perhaps we want or need to focus on finding a more meaningful livelihood, a sense of purpose, a spiritual path, sound relationships, or changes in behavior or outlook.

None of these dimensions are independent. Behavioral patterns may affect livelihood; livelihood may affect spirit; or a particular spiritual path may influence a person's sense of purpose. A healthy life is a whole.


CVA's process will help you to thoroughly investigate your options, identify any roadblocks (internal or external) that may stand in the way, counsel you about your choices, develop a realistic game plan (with concrete goals and objectives) and coach you through the necessary steps to the finish line.

Whole Life Vision Approach

Whatever a client's current focus, CVA's experts will help foster and hold for them a vision of a whole, healthy self.  This focused presence on listening and understanding is at the core of our approach. 

ilene@careervisionassociates.com / 617.924-0303 x2 / www.careervisionassociates.com

173 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown 02420 and Maynard

Counseling, Coaching, Branding & Marketing

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.  So ... Catch the trade winds with your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain  

“I came to Ilene 12 years ago to help me with a wide-reaching career direction search. She really connected with me, and used creative, intuitive exercises that led me to my current, happy career. I returned to Ilene to explore possible new directions a couple years ago and she picked right up with me and gave me lots of good ideas and practical advice once again. She is warm, funny, and wise and I am glad to have her in my corner!”   Anne G., Personal Organizer