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Welcome to Career Vision Associates , Ilene H. Rudman, Founder

A deeply satisfying career, a financially stable career, a career that fulfills and nurtures our best selves --- CVA's in-house unique expertise blends the finest methodologies of traditional, innovative and technological techniques to assist our clients with the next steps in their career or job search.

Over the past two decades, the founders of CVA have assisted thousands of clients to identify,

attain and succeed in reaching their career goals.

Our Services

Our customized and interactive approach and tools help our clients choose a career vision and become more marketable as together we define the image of their brand and the strategy for obtaining it.  We are available to provide our service either face-to-face or virtually.

Typical Client goals include help in:

  1. Choosing a career

  2. Creating a branding and marketing strategy to align with their goals

  3. Addressing issues of work/life balance

  4. Discussing and resolving obstacles to career success

  5. Planning and implementing a successful job search

  6. Preparing to confidently interview

  7. Negotiating compensation and evaluating job offers

  8. Preparing marketing materials such as resumes and cover letters

  9. Identifying target companies and key decision-makers

  10. Jump-starting success in the new job

Complete Service

Career Vision Associates is committed to working with the job seeker or career
transition individual from conception to completion.


We have a solid reputation within our industry.  We never promise more than
we can deliver, but we deliver more than we promise.


We provide value from the first session.  Our work is specifically tailored to meet your needs. 


ilene@careervisionassociates.com / 617.924-0303 x2 / www.careervisionassociates.com

173 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown 02420 and Maynard


     “To follow without fault, one aim: that’s the secret of success.” Anna Pavlova

Counseling, Coaching, Branding & Marketing

“Most of all, thank you for the gift of your time, attention and wisdom yesterday.  I left with a heightened sense of direction, focus, hope and inspiration.  I so appreciate your engaged listening and your practical tips.  Actually, I feel like we covered a lot of ground, and that you gave me a loving push off the cliff into the unknown.  You helped me to remember I can fly when I am following my passion, and that the unknown provides the ultimate adventure...... .”       Laurel F., Health Educator